Thoughts on AU Landscape

Year 1991
Text by Pino Poggi

I would like to explain how I envision the ecological and artistic conversion and recycling of larger areas denatured by exclusively economically motivated actions based on my practical experience in forming my own garden into a landscape environment. First of all, transforming a piece of “desert” into an “oasis”, characterized by a symbiosis of nature and culture, takes time – the goal is not to produce a prefabricated biotope from a container but the gradual restoration of organic nature which grows over the years.
An important idea is that nothing is left to chance in the emerging landscape environment: The pre-elaborated scenario taking into account all data relevant to the design and use of the site also determines the type, diversity, density and the distribution of planting as well as the locations where the encounter between people and nature becomes visible in the form of signs of eco-art concretely related to the situation. The viewers and / or users will not – and this is the trick – notice at all that they are in a planned landscape artwork, because nature here, following the rhythm of the seasons, is identical to art, mirroring the natural Course of events due to the fact that the “anthropological monuments” all around the site (these can be instruments raised to the status of “cultural co-workers”, quasi – archaeological finds or natural objects worked on by the artist) all refer back to the environment in which they are perceived.

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