Pino Poggi’s Arte Utile

The AU-artwork includes a critical-social-pedagogical process manifesting itself visually, verbally and dramatically. AU-activities serve communication. They are natural fragments, impulses. The audience is the true AU-artwork. An audience that identifies with these fragments. Finds itself in them, takes part and interest, works with them, communicates. All in all it is an AU-audience that eventually reacts, understands the situation and creates something (for example an AU-sheet). An audience that wants to understand it, continues to talk about it…

Pino Poggi
Man in front of museum.

Pino Poggi, born in 1939, uses an artistic term (Manifesto AU, 1965) that obliges him to interfere in public affairs. He makes “Arte Utile” – useful art in other words – whose usefulness is not visible in the orientation towards practice (in this sense design is a useful art), but in the pointing out of alternatives! Arte Utile, in short: AU, sees itself as a process that takes place between two communicating vessels, art and society – and the driving force, with which art wants to change society, or at least social consciousness, is the utopia.