Pino Poggi’s Arte Utile

Man in front of museum.
Pino Poggi

You will ask yourself: Do we talk here of a missionary or an artist? Except for the unworthy split of terms: In the case of Pino Poggi, himself – the person – steps into the foreground and makes us forget all titles and labels. […] With him, art, education, actionism, protest, project planning and multimedia communication unite in a single intensively represented world praised with powerful optimism – in Pino Poggi’s Arte Utile.

Laszlo Glozer

Pino Poggi, born in 1939, uses an artistic term (Manifesto AU, 1965) that obliges him to interfere in public affairs. He makes “Arte Utile” – useful art in other words – whose usefulness is not visible in the orientation towards practice (in this sense design is a useful art), but in the pointing out of alternatives! Arte Utile, in short: AU, sees itself as a process that takes place between two communicating vessels, art and society – and the driving force, with which art wants to change society, or at least social consciousness, is the utopia.