Arte Utile – AU

AU Statement

The AU-artwork includes a critical-social-pedagogical process manifesting itself visually, verbally and dramatically. AU-activities serve communication. They are natural fragments, impulses. The audience is the true AU-artwork. An audience that identifies with these fragments. Finds itself in them, takes part and interest, works with them, communicates. All in all it is an AU-audience that eventually reacts, understands the situation and creates something (for example an AU-sheet). An audience that wants to understand it, continues to talk about it…

Manifest AU 1

In the past art had a goal – to invoke certain feelings in the viewer. In the past art had a purpose…

Environment AU

An installation between educational trail, Stationen­drama, stage set and symbolic situation: Involvement, information, irritation.

People sitting on chairs in room. On man stood up with microphone in hand.

Raum AU

Raum AU was a space where Arte Utile took place – an alternative space, a mixed media work of art.

AU Process

A communi­cation method of 4 phases. Previous AU-action followed by subsequent analysis and exhibition. Initiation of talks and discourse over essential social topics.