Letter to Pino Poggi

Year 1986
Text by Jost Herbig

1st March, 1986

Dear Pino Poggi,

anyone who runs against walls for a lifetime must be crazy as common sense says.
Most artists of your generation – reasonable as they are – have recognized the signs of times at the right moment. After all if they still run, then only into the wide opened doors of international art fairs. Although their loudest protagonists since long gave up the great idea art could change the world, it helped at least to stuff the museums with artsy branded goods.
Once shocking Manifestos of the eighties decorate as advertising the exhibition catalogues of the eighties. Senile babble replaced the revolutionary gesture and your successful colleagues now hold the court as painter-princes or sculptor-kings encircled by admiring disciples.

But you, Pino Poggi, continue to run against walls. Why? Are you normal crazy or do you live to reproach the world with its crazy normality? Don’t answer! Leave us in the dark further on!

Your Jost Herbig

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