How I imagine myself a video artist

Year 1978
Text by Pino Poggi

I have a very simple notion of a video artist: he must have a good idea, which he realizes through deliberate consideration. – He writes himself a concept which is the basis for creating excellent images or sequences that can shake the citizen accordingly. But this is not always true for video also because nowadays almost anyone can use a video camera and, as a result, perhaps many of these people believe they have become video artists although they only provide films without concrete thought, criticism and requirements. This gives rise to danger – video can become dangerous if we do not know how to handle it – an analogy can be drawn to television. Especially, because we do not like to read the daily newspaper any more, we rather look into the tube. Thus, if someone has a monopoly over the three television programs, everything comes from one direction only, the formation of opinion is synchronised. I do not need to carry on explaining what happens here, the story speaks for itself.
But let’s get back to the so-called video artists, I hope you understood me when I was talking about the “reckless video artist”. Video is really an interesting medium, but we absolutely must be able to handle it – not in a technical sense, we need to know what it is about and what we want, because video is the only visual means that can offer resistance to television. With high quality films, of course, which are able to offer proper resistance. Only a person who meets these requirements can claim to be a “video artist”.
I would like to show precisely this possibility with my Oper’Actions video. Firstly, I realize the film and describe my performance in writing. Afterwards, at the end of the film, I show a part of this film reality, i. e. firstly, the spectator must see, secondly, read and thirdly, experience the reality of these Oper’Actions. This means the viewer is always unconsciously moved.