Il Tettovanicasa

(Roof space house)
Year 1972

01: Building with Tettovanicasa (photo 1). Change of idea to use it as shield. Not needed – no war, no enemies. By doing remember people of that.
02: Trying together with daughter (photo 3 & 4). With some fear – her first time being inside Tettovanicasa.
03: More tryouts will follow. The daughter now is enthusiastic.
04: General test. Holding Tettovanicasa above the heads (photo 6). Let it down until starts to cover heads (photo 7) Let it down more (photo 8).
05: Answering the daughter’s questions (photo 9). Finally Tettovanicasa encloses both (photo 10).
06: Explaining the “why” of the action. Bringing Tettovanicasa to huge garden as indirect answer. The importance of living in small units for future. But stacked to save valuable green area.
07: Stacked single units (Tettovanicasa) result in one large unit (Tettovanigrattacielo).