Jason und die 52 Argonauten

(Jason and the 52 Argonauts)
Year 1989/2001, 2000/04
Ship in the middle of room. Walls on both sides. Behind wall on each side is a stage.
Sketch, 2001 (Version A)

A single, large white room divided into three parts. In the middle there is a wreck of an old large ship, the other two parts are fixed to the wall like two stages or boxes with five floors (big wide step). Each half or each stage part is connected to the ship (where there is an opening) by a wooden bridge high in the middle (Sketch A). An additional staircase connects the two rooms where the two stages are. From below into the respective floor I talked about before.

On one of these stages the 52 Argonauts are placed – sitting and standing. These figures are, if nothing else available, sculptured by myself from light material (Ytong blocks or polystyrene).
The stage on the other side is for the audience. They should first read the texts hung on the white walls between mirrors of different sizes. Then they have a look at all the rooms. In the largest, the middle, of these three white rooms the floor is covered with mirrors and there stands the ship’s hull. By the way: I will improvise the inner treatment of this hull with materials I can get.

Note: I also thought about an alternative for this somewhat expensive AU Environment Jason. Instead of explaining them in writing again, I think the sketches (Version B) can be interpreted sufficiently clearly.

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