Year 1983–91

[…] If you go through the Damocles tunnel, past the swords which are already rammed into the floor, constantly trying to escape the spiky ends of the swords which are still stuck into the ceiling by doing a slalom race, you experience very tightly what it means to be exposed to a risk. And if the shock therapy was successful, then the mirror at the end of the tunnel will reflect a face in which the suspicion flashed up for a moment that Damocles’ decision to no longer test the load capacity of the horse’s hair was a rather reasonable decision. The sense of the irrit’action is nothing else. […]

Helmut Schneider (in: Irrit’actions)
Cuboid tunnel inside a room with black floor.
Evironment AU, Gallery Leerer Beutel Regensburg, 1990
Corridor, 2 mirrors, 13 panels with text fragments, mirrors in between

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