Arte Utile – AU

The AU-artwork includes a critical-social-pedagogical process manifesting itself visually, verbally and dramatically. AU-activities serve communication. They are natural fragments, impulses. The audience is the true AU-artwork. An audience that identifies with these fragments. Finds itself in them, takes part and interest, works with them, communicates. All in all it is an AU-audience that eventually reacts, understands the situation and creates something (for example an AU-sheet). An audience that wants to understand it, continues to talk about it…

Text by Pino Poggi, author of the Manifesto AU

An AU-work of art retains its significance for society only as long as the latter recognizes it as one of its own problems. Once society has reached a solution to that problem, the AU-work of art has forfeited its right to exist. It remains as a document.

Manifesto Arte Utile 1, 1965


Environment AU – installation between educational trail, Stationen­drama, stage set and symbolic situation: Involvement, information, irritation. Keyword: Environment

Raum AU – space defined by Environ­ment AU. To encourage dialogue, talks and discussions within its sphere and beyond. Keyword: Environment

AU-action – mostly street-actions as inclusive part of the AU Process. Operating with AU-sheets to involve passersby. Keyword: Action

AU Process – communi­cation method of 4 phases. Previous AU-action followed by subsequent analysis and exhibition. Initiation of talks and discourse over essential social topics. Keyword: Process

Metamorphose (Metamorfosi) – complex arrangement of previous forms in AU Process and later analysis. Keyword: Process

AU-sheet – graphic collage on contemporary issues. Basis and provocation for the street-action within the AU Process. Keyword: Action, Process

AU Futurology – studies and ”utopian“ proposals as positive alternatives for the near future. Keyword: Future studies

AU Landscape – piece of land transformed into an eco-artwork. Nature and culture evolve in strong synergy. Keyword: Landscape

Concept book (Libri concettuali) – project for concrete realization. The book provides its justification and proposes solutions. Keyword: Artist book

Book sculpture (Libri Sculture) – readable books in form of sculptures. Thematising social, environmental or ethical positions of contemporary world. Keyword: Artist book, Sculpture

AU-model – small-scale exhibition model of an AU-Environment situation. Keyword: Model

AU Design – design understood as the discipline to humanise technology. Manifests a cultural, with the past coherent, development of goods. Keyword: Design

AU Writings – poetry, songs, short stories and theater plays created under the principles of Arte Utile. Keyword: Poem

AU Alphabet – first attempt for readable or understandable art. Initial step to lead beyond the borders of conventional art – to AU. Keyword: Sculpture

UArt – term from late 60ies/ early 70ies mostly used in connection with Alphabet-works. Keyword: Sculpture, Design