Manifest Arte Utile 2

Year 1965/66
Text by Pino Poggi

AU – lives outside in contact with everything and also inside the museums and galleries agreeing with its socio-aesthetical positions.
AU – mediates the intermediation.
AU – especially considers the operation/ action as effective relating to issues presently happening or dealing with them.
AU – humanizes.
AU – is only interested in a visual and social subject which can give a little bit more to the audience.
AU – always has to maintain its own freedom of action and opinion. In order to achieve this neutral position it has to fight for survival. This means that if necessary it has to participate in the fight for the existential needs in order not to compromise its principles.
AU – is an impulse for a renewal of culture.
AU – will be a complete and analytical document to be filled in the way it will develop.

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