Year 1967/89
Text by Pino Poggi

Everyone’s car – a dream that has come true and turned into a real nightmare. The road that once offered its service to the car has now become its opponent. The trap in which the road holds the car is called traffic jam. Although the long known fact the only help is the reduction of traffic (and its shift away from the road), the “Homo automobilis” still believes in a dead end as the only possible way out – the increase in traffic routes.

Road construction is by no means our only problem. There is, beside many others, also a garbage problem, in particular the one of durable and safe storage of special garbage. These toxic, perhaps even radioactively contaminated residues of the affluent society must be “disposed” with as little risk as possible. One solution could be to accept one problem, road construction, and not let arise the other one, ecologically hazardous hazardous landfills. My idea is to store the hazardous waste in places where people are dredging through the countryside anyway: In safely lined concrete tubs under the roads. As soon as one of these tubs, meandering through the area like a canalized stream, is filled up with garbage, a lid is put on it – the road on which the cars drive. According to a nature trail that identifies the trees and plants, one could also mark the individual road sections by type of waste. So the driver could know on which parts he races over the waste being also responsible for. A thought-provoking impulse, perhaps.

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