Zu spät

(Too late)
Year 1991
Text by Pino Poggi

The presentation of this Irrit’Action-Installation was supposed to cause practically only arguments. Here in this thoughtful Irrit’Action I have depicted an 8 m² area of soil on which I not only grow grass, but also cement letters. Letters that should shake us up positively and make clear that our life in prosperity as we live it to this day cannot go on like this. And what if these little terrible but benign cement tumors that grow here today on Mother Earth will suddenly be everywhere tomorrow because we wanted them to be?

Letters "Too late" in the grass.

This danger exists because through our abundance we have destroyed important values for our survival and we have set values against it that will let us die today. Yes, dear audience, we have used too much and thoughtlessly. Cement, asphalt, plastic and unrecyclable garbage have grown too fast, and we have been doing nothing, or far too little, for years to stop this catastrophic development. My Irrit’Action may present the situation a little harmless, but we must remember that this tumour is still benign at the moment.

But tomorrow these benign drops of cement will expand and become giants. The words will no longer be understandable, the chaos will take over and we will only be able to watch – nothing else.

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