Year 2004–05
Text by Pino Poggi
4 corner spaces in a white room painted in different colour. On the floor of every space lies a form-piece in same colour.
Environment AU, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška, Slovenj Gradec, 2005

Vertumnus, the convertible, a god of vegetation of etruscian origins, which was later admitted into the pantheon of rome, was the god of the rhythm of seasons and the change of nature (later he became even the duty to take care about the trade traffic).

Married with Pomona, the god of the grow of fruits, which beneficial work was even determined through the seasons, Vertumnus was the guarantor of the,, in its change, constant nature. In the sequence of seasons – everything that blossom out in spring and ripens in summer can be reaped in autumn – does not mean that winter is a die out. The nature just takes a break in which a new bloom, a new ripening and a new harvest (and even another freezing) is prepared. That procedure is repeated every and every Year, and that, thanks to Vertumnus, which, as a god who is responsible for constantly changes proves us even his capacity as innovator.

Everything living renewals in a sequence of changing and only what in a sequence of changing renewals is living. That’s the bottom of the Vertumnus myth. The abstract depiction of these continuous, reliable repeating process of nature, over which the god of changes keeps watch is the intellectual and vivid fundament of my environment, that forges links between the poetic fiction of the myth and the prosaic reality of our days.

The place where Vertumnus, the guardian of nature, meets the nature destroying powerful of the present is a white square room. Its four corners are dyed in special colours, one special colour for each season – blue, green, yellow and red corresponds to winter, spring, summer and autumn. Dyed is the ground, the walls and the roof of each corner. In that way there are created small squares into large cube. The area that is left white builds a cross, each arm of that cross leads to one of the four points of the compass. The coordinate systems that is created lightens the orientation in the room; the intersection defines the point where human being look around the world.

Each of the fenced off colour fields is accentuated through a plastic modelled form. A square ground plate, which lies there freeze and lifeless symbolizes the winter, which hibernates and already broods out the new. Resurrected the form begins to move, the sides of the plate curves up, roundly, like that the form indicates a bud – that’s spring. Then, the contours harden itself and become angular, the nature concentrates its power, the summer! Autumn, after the harvest nature is exhausted, the upright rising forms looses tension and begin to bow, it won’t last long and the form is flat and extended on the ground again. The cycle of seasons can restart…

Rape of nature arises.

On each form lies a weapon, which is directly pointed out on Vertumnus, who embodies each season but indirectly the weapons are pointed out on all of us, that we stand by and watch apathetically the global world destroying drive of turbo capitalism. Weapons symbolizes violence and death, with the safety catch off, pointed out on nature they mean the certain death. Poor Vertumnus, thrown out of the blissfully nature into calculating profit society, forced to accept their conditions.

A pistol lies on red form-piece..
Environment detail (autumn)

How long will he hold out, how long do we? We can and must decide ourselves. With or without him? We are short on time and perspectives are missing. Then more violent violence against human and nature becomes, then more it becomes improbable what just some generations ago seemed assured – the future.

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