Tantalos und Pelops

(Tantalus and Pelops)
Year 2017

My designed AU-space will pay homage to two mythological, often quoted heroic figures: Tantalos (surrounding space), and Pelops (center of space). As always my Environment AU will take place in a white room. Contemporary consumption provides us various materials used in this white space: White plastic foil to cover the space, four cut trees (6 m long), four very thin wooden boards (2 x 3 m) – each painted with one color (red, yellow, blue, green), four or eight mirrors (1.5 x 2 m), a brown flat stone (2.5 x 2.5 m).

Well, this chosen material have to be (partially) fixed to the ground, as well as to the sides and the top. In my visual AU-imagination i see the room divided already at the beginning. A very square (pragmatic) Environment AU, where at first four sawed off trees will be seen. Each of the trees hits a colored thin board. So strong pushing and pushing to get the impression the thin board could break through. In this initial, unstable and unsafe space this danger is constantly perceived!
After this first area with the sawn trees and coloured thin boards, we now arrive at a symmetrically shaped area with four or eight free-standing mirrors (mirroring on both sides). So the spectators can see themselves in the audience. The large flat stone in the center appears to the spectators like an oasis of heavenly peace!

Basically it is about absurdly deep religious habits of stubborn and ignorant people like Tantalos and Abraham. For the innocence of their son Pelops and Isaac, who was sacrificed by the father for a god without his own knowledge!

Download text (pdf): German