Year 1986/87/88
Text by Pino Poggi

What I intend to do with my AU Environment Prometheus is clear and very legible. In a very large white room, as Prometeus did, I will first bring the light. Several coloured neon rods are attached to the ceiling from top to bottom. This colored mixed light, which almost touches the floor, symbolically blew up the crossed concrete wall that was still standing intact in the room! Well, this cross-shaped wall is now damaged in the middle – but it is clear that all four directions of this crossed wall have remained unchanged from the distance, i.e. the directions have remained almost clearer and clearer than before. The four directions are a symbol of possibility, a variety of decisions and thus also a symbol of free opinions for the expansion of our knowledge. The cement debris lying in the middle of the ground (that caused our fire/light) symbolizes the newly created revolution for the liberation from tyranny, oppression and ignorance.

Well, I have added an additional aspect as a present development. Result of a very long, incompetent, democratic and civilized process of our life experience. In each of the four corners (of the damaged crossed concrete wall) there is: A dry tree (symbol of our present nature), a barrel of oil (symbol of our present consumption-hysteria), one or more TV sets with different running programmes (symbol of our culture), an animal – a robot-human or a modern toy (symbol of ourselves) […]

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