Year 1968–70/2015
Text by Pino Poggi
White gallery room. Branches placed upright in the middle. On 2 opposite walls hang huge mirrors with a large grapevine drawings. A podest with stockpile of stones and a mirror in the back of the room.
Environment AU, Galerija Ravne (Slovenia), 2017

[…] Well, my visual scenography for this tragic script, I planned as follows: My Environment AU is set up, in a room totally covered by a white foil, with various things I consider very important for my visual statement. Not only because they come from Sicily – an island full of questions, signs and mysteries – but also these objects have affirmed me in my research of the credible concrete origin of my thoughts. They help you, as an audience, to “read”, see, and help you feel more closer to this archaic and outstanding time of myths.

Objects placed in the space: Four ancient great Sicilian vines (about 3 m high) placed in the four corners of the room, three black fine sand hills (lava dust from volcano Etna, about 40 cm high) between the vines, a group of large egg-shaped stones on the ground (seen from above like huge grapes), a large rectangular mirror (streching along entire group of stones) stands by the wall mirroring the grapes below (seeing grapes from both sides – for me a magical effect!), framed and hung grape sketches (in proportion of stone-group) in three colours (red, black, yellow) – natural repetition of the previous unnatural and surreal (“stone-grapes”).
With this scenography I want to represent a document of that time. Like a restoration of an archaic time. A myth in the present, subjectively edited by me. A concrete, credible manifestation of the past tragedy, in which the kind and unsuspecting Ikarios – with his positive hospitality, thoughts and approaches – was initiator and victim. […]

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