Ein AU Prozess – noch unberührt weiss mit schwarz-weiss

(An AU Process – still untouched white with black-white)
Year 1976/79
Text by Pino Poggi

This phase white with black and white, Environment of an AU process, is intended for you. Don’t hesitate to sit on one of these six white chairs and go through the book lying on the white bench. Read it or look at the black and white photographs and if you like, improve whatever you think is necessary. There are some white pencils with black leads in the white groove of the white bench.
A large rectangular white sheet (lying on the floor) and a rectangular black frame draw a room size. By entering, commenting, or acting with the black bars standing ”outside“ both ”rectangular“ slowly but continuously changes day by day. Every day you or I put the bars piece by piece back into the frame. Ten days before the end of the operation everything has to be closed and so everything we left behind remains locked in the cage forever.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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